Seminar of Smart Solar Energy Systems

In 21/9/2016, at the conference room C of Ton Duc Thang University, Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (FEEE), Korean Experts Center and Song Anh, a Korean development and technology transfer company organized a seminar with the topic of “Smart Solar Energy System”. This was the first international research project conducted at TDTU by TDTU’s lecturers and students. The project was considered as a model for corporation between a university, international experts and business company in Vietnam.

The project Smart Solar Energy System had the following goals:

  • Design and create solar panel system capable of automatically directing toward the movement of the sun during daytime.  
  • Design and create the smart monitoring and measurement system for solar panel system.
  • Design and create the solar panel system applied for aquaculture plants in Mekong Delta.

The budget for deploying this project was up to 500 million dongs and the products (hardware and software) would be transferred to Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering to use as the practical models for students.