• Introduce Master and PhD scholarship of high-ranking universities in Korea for TDTU candidates.
  • Invite professors and experts from Korea to come and lecture short-term as well as long-term courses at TDTU.

    KEC has invited three Korean experts to work at KEC and full-time teaching at Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, from August 2017, with the financial support for Korean governement. 

Science and Technology Corporation

  • Corporate with TDTU to execute scientific projects with the financial support from both sides.
  • Corporate with Korean business companies to transfer the research products of TDTU and Korean universities for Korean business companies in HCM City and neighbouring provinces.

Project: Formation of the group "Smart Solar Energy Systems", including energy experts from Korea, lecturers of FEEE and Song Anh Company (Korean company focusing in solar energy) to propose a project to provide smart solar systems for aquaculture plants in Mekong Delta.

Seminar of Smart Solar Energy Systems

Business corporation

  • Offers internships for TDTU students at Korean business companies or their partners.
  • Boost the corporation, investment and sponsorship of Korean business companies with TDTU. 

Seminar/ workshop organization

  • Corporate to organize international conferences, scientific seminars with the participation of TDTU lectures, Korean experts and international professors.
  • Corporate with Korean universities to organize the AETA 2016 in Busan, Korea. 

The opening ceremony of 4th AETA in Busan, Korea.